What life at Chiplima taught me

When I joined B.Sc (Ag) and got into College of Agriculture Chiplima in the year 1986 and landed up at the hostel, I was due for a shock since the basic infrastructure was missing. The hostel did not have any boundary wall and there were lot of stray dogs venturing into the hostel kitchen, common room and sometimes even into the rooms. For practical classes one had to cycle all the way to the staff areas which was about 5 kms from the hostel. The less said about the food the better. There was no water coming into the bathrooms hence one has to go down to the tube well to bath and the urinals were always in a mess. The only sliver lining was the trip to Sambalpur once a week for us to do shopping and catch up with movies at the theaters


The tough conditions made us tougher and if look back at it has benefited me and taught me the following lessons


·        Do not take anything for granted, one has to struggle even for basic things in life. It taught me to value things even if they are very basic

·        More important the struggle for basic amenities made the grit and determination stronger


Many of you will not be able to relate to the above, my batch mates and my seniors who studies in CAC prior to 1986 will bear me out on the above


I understood the true meaning of the proverb “Life is a struggle and you have miles to go before you sleep”


In a true sense the experiences at CAC helped me to become whatever I am today and I have no qualms about acknowledging it




Zafrullah Khan

Senior Vice President & Global Head of Human Resources

Glenmark Generics Ltd

(CAC batch 1986-1990)