A request to my juniors

Jay Maa Ghantesweri.

I am very disappointed to know that my beloved CAC which is much known for its affection and love is degrading, with respect to love and caring. I just want to request my juniors that unity i the strength and it is essential to maintain unity among the students to live happily and enjoy most at Chipilima. I stiil know two batches those are the senior most batches.

As the juniors they were wonderful when I was there and observed them. I have no complain about them as a senior as all of them have done their duties as a junior excellently. I expect particularly from the 3rd year and 4th year students to be as good as seniors as they were as juniors. They have to take care to maintain the rich tradition of CAC and live happily.

All the allumnis are always there with their helping hand to work for development of CAC. Dear juniors, just take this and maintain unity among yourselves which is more importany. Enjoy the life most at CAC because lifeafter CAC will not give you that opportunity. Hoping for your best future.

Thank you.