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How to decide when it is the right time to change a job

One of the issues confronting employees is when is the right time to change a job?


Several employees fall prey to changing jobs quite often and in the process they lose their way in the corporate world


The short term lure for changing a job is very high and employees change jobs for the heck of joining a new company and fall to what I call as a “blind path”


It is important to keep the following yardsticks in mind before changing a job:


·        Am I happy with my present job?

·        Am I motivated to come to my work place every day morning?

·        Am I motivated and content with the 9 hours which I spend at my work place without looking at the watch for the office hours to get over?

·        Do I foresee career growth for myself in my present company?


If the answer to most of the above questions is yes than one should continue with the present job


There is nothing like an ideal organization, every organization has its merits and demerits you have to define for yourself what motivates and propels you




Zafrullah Khan, Senior Vice President & Global Head of Human Resources, Glenmark Generics Ltd, Mumbai (CAC batch 1986-1990)


0 # srikant Bhadra 2012-09-12 04:27
It is really eye opening for me.
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0 # srikant Bhadra 2012-09-12 04:28
Thank you Bhai, for your valuable words.
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