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Managing Stress

In today’s world we hear about young people in their late twenties and early thirties having high blood pressure, hypertension and other lifestyle diseases 

The above happens due to stress, it is important to manage your stress levels to lead a healthy life

 Few things that you help you mange your stress levels 

  • Plan your work and stay organized, try not to go into the fire fighting mode since that carries high stress levels
  • Be clear about your priorities, you cannot do everything at one go, plan and execute your work in a phased manner
  • To the extent possible stay away from avoidable conflicts
  • Engage yourself in some outdoor activity like sports, swimming which can be good stress busters



Zafrullah Khan, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Human Resources, Glenmark Generics Ltd, Mumbai


+1 # chaturbhuja barik 2010-07-21 15:20
thanks bhai for your valuable advice... This is quite true in early days of service, i have faced it ofcourse struggled for an year..then only learnt this valuable lesson....A CLEARCUT DEMARCATION BETWEEN WORK AND PERSONAL LIFE.
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0 # ZAFRULLAH KHAN 2010-07-22 12:15
Dear Chaturbhuja

Glad to know that you manage your stress levels quite well. Everyone learns through experience. In the pursuit of work many of us are not able to manage our stress and end up with lifestyle diseases

Wishing you all the best, do well in life


Zafrullah Khan
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0 # 2010-08-06 14:45
Dear Bhai,
I am totally agreed to you.
In today's life, we have become so busy that We have no time for ourselves. We even cant spend as little as 15 minutes a day for self introspection. We are only after our target. But in my view, what is the use of that target if we cant enjoy our lives to the fullest. Fort which, stress management is a must for everyone.
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0 # ZAFRULLAH KHAN 2010-08-08 04:27
Dear Soumya

I totally agree with you, one works to create value and wealth which will make him or her enjoy life

Wishing you all the best


Zafrullah Khan
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