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Work Life Balance

In today’s competitive environment we have employees spending long hours at work place. The urge to grow professionally drives lot of people to work long hours and also to work on their weekends as a result of which they are not able to spend quality time with their family It is very important to draw a fine balance between both your personal life and your professional life. It is important to define your pace of work and take out time for your family. More than the quantum of time it is the quality of the time which you spend with your family that matters. Many a times we get so tired that we either end up watching television or go off to sleep. It is important to spend quality time with your family by interacting with them or taking them out on weekends Even a couple of hours well spend with your family will recharge you. Unfortunately most of us look at time in terms of number of hours in terms of quantitatively rather than qualitatively. Even a few hours of quality time spend with family will ensure that you have a proper work life balance. Regards. Zafrullah Khan, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Human Resources, Glenmark Generics Ltd (CAC batch 1986-1990)


0 # 2010-07-14 08:50
This concept of Work Life Balance is a Hot subject in the Corporate world.HR personnel talk much about it. in this regard i would like to share my small experience in my last organisation- All of a sudden to maintain the so called W/L balance our HR people rolled out 5 days wk, but honestly speaking; my operational demands never permitted me to do adhere to it, no farmer celebrates Independence day/R'Day or halt their operations on sat/sunday.i had a hot debate with the HR ma'm on it. it's really a much debated subject as the Corporate world demands much from their employee with in very short time.It's a challange 4 the employee to deliver and maintain the so called W/L balance.High time for the young professionals to achieve the excellence in profession and their family life aswell.Difficult to manage but, not impossible.
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0 # ZAFRULLAH KHAN 2010-07-15 11:48
I agree that it is a challenge to mantain work life balance in todays competitive environment, but as you rightly said it is difficult but not impossible. In spite of having a hectic travelling schedule I have myself maintained a proper work life balance. I am sure that everyone can do it provided they are able to trade off few things. As they say you cannot have the best of both the worlds. Regards.Zafrullah Khan, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Human Resources, Glenmark Generics Ltd, Mumbai
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