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Mantra to Success

I have had several people ask me as to what is it that makes some mediocre people succeed in their professional life whereas some bright people fail in their professional careerLooking back at a cross section of people who have succeeded and failed in their professional careers, I can think of the below mantras to succeed in life

• As mentioned in my earlier article choose the career which is of interest to you that will ensure that you will be motivated each and each day at your work place

• Do constant reading and be updated with the latest in your professional area. Knowledge power has no substitute

• Set your benchmarks and standards. There is no point in trying to emulate anyone, set your own benchmarks and try to achieve and better that

• Do a SWOT analysis of your self. Try to consolidate your strengths, improve upon your weaknesses, look out for the opportunities and try to overcome the threats

• In professional life there is no need to be modest about yourself. You should be able to position yourself and do a bit of brand building about yourself. Your brand value should always have a premium

• And last but not the least constantly review the progress that you have made and try to realign yourselfHope this helps the youngsters.

Regards. Zafrullah Khan, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Human Resources, Glenmark Generics Ltd, Mumbai( Passed out of CAC 1986-1990 batch)

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