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Dear all.. i am soumyashree panigrahi from batch.2004-2008 .. I still cherish those golden days of my career in chiplima. The mahendra phone booth, Pramod Grocery shop, Suru tea stall.. all these are still fresh in my memory.. I can now think of my excapedes in the campus. Those were the days..Me and my friends..malla, Nitya, mano..etc could dare to go beyond burla and Godbhaga to just watch JATRA.. Those were the days we could see the fishing through Blasting in Chiplima fish pond. Still those memories make my eyes wet every time I think about them.. Our lives have become so busy right now that we dont have time to look back.. We are very busy now.. WHAT IS THIS LIFE IF FULL OF CARE..... WE HAVE NO TIME TO STAND AND STARE.... So... dear friendzzz, Is it our life..?? Com on.. share your experiences..


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Dear Friends,
Chaiplima will always remain as an indelible mark on my mind. Nowhere in the world are the skies bigger, the air fresher, the grass greener and the people sweeter. Someday I wish to be back and share a meal with my fellow students in the hostel mess. Love u Chiplima !
Dr. Tara Mishra
Hammond Louisiana (USA)
(1991-1995; Batch)
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